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Dysphagia is related to an inability to swallow or a disorder in the swallowing process. It is a symptom which occurs as a result of an underlying cause; commonly neurological diseases such as those listed below. The majority of these degenerative neuromuscular disorders predominate amongst the elderly population, with an estimated prevalence of dysphagia of 40-50% among the elderly in long-term care facilities. Dysphagia can result in discomfort, coughing and choking as well as aspiration as foods or fluids may enter the trachea and lungs forming a breeding ground for infection and the development of pneumonia. Dehydration and malnutrition are further common and important consequences of dysphagia.

Some Causes of Dysphagia

Head and Neck Cancer Oesophagus Cancer Stroke Some medications Alzheimer’s
Infection Multiple Sclerosis Some Neurological conditions Muscular Dystrophy Parkinson’s Disease
Long-term Intubation Huntington’s Disease Head Injuries Advanced Age Motor Neurone Disease
People born with a hole in the roof of their mouth Diseases of the nervous system such as Cerebral Palsy People born with abnormalities of the swallowing mechanism

At Flavour Creations, we understand that when managing swallowing disorders the ease and availability of thickened fluids is crucial to maintaining sufficient levels of hydration, energy, and nutrition. Ready to Drink (RTD) is our fantastic range of pre-thickened beverages which takes the hassle out of everyday drinking for individuals with dysphagia. Available in a perfect 175 mL serve and three standard viscosities, the RTD range is also packaged in the new Flavour Creations’ Dysphagia Cup. In addition, our thickening powders are the indispensable solutions for broad-based dysphagia management providing excellent hydration through a unique, concentrated formula.

Dysphagia patients should be assessed and monitored by the Speech Pathologist, Nurse and Dietitian. For patient safety and welfare it is important to report observed changes to these clinicians. Physical symptoms do not necessarily always present as with silent aspiration. For further information on the condition, diagnosis and management of dysphagia, please refer to a Speech Pathologist.

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