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Orders of $350 or more will receive FREE DELIVERY.

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Dysphagia Cup Lid




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Keep Flavour Creations thickened drinks fresh with easy-seal lids.

Not every drink gets finished in one sitting, and that’s okay.  With our Dysphagia Cup Lids, you can re-seal any Flavour Creations product served in our patented Dysphagia Cup, allowing it to be safely and hygienically stored for later.

Each plastic lid can simply be pressed onto the top of an open Dysphagia Cup, creating a seal that keeps thickened drinks fresher for longer.

Each Dysphagia Cup Lid also caters for the ergonomic design of the Dysphagia Cup, which has a sloping rim to minimise neck extension while drinking.  Dysphagia Cup Lids have been designed to sit flat, allowing you to stack multiple re-sealed Dysphagia Cups in your fridge.

To keep your re-sealed Dysphagia Cups ordered and safely labelled, we recommend using our RTD Cup Stickers with our Dysphagia Cup Lids.

RTD Cup Stickers are adhesive stickers designed for use with the Flavour Creations Ready-to-Drink range and the Dysphagia Cup Lid.  Reseal unfinished Ready-to-Drink Cups using Dysphagia Cup Lids, and then place a RTD Cup Sticker on top for easy identification.

Each RTD Cup Sticker features name, date, and time fields, and also has visually distinct selection options for the RDT Cup’s viscosity in IDDSI Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Slightly Thick, Mildly Thick, Moderately Thick and Extremely Thick).

Using RTD Cup Stickers is a simple way of keeping resealed Dysphagia Cups identifiable, which maintains food storage safety and hygiene standards.

The Dysphagia Cup Lid is designed for use with all Thickened Ready-to-Drink products:

  • Waters
  • Cordial Drinks
  • Real Fruit Juices
  • Functional Drinks
  • Hot Drinks
  • Creamy Drinks
  • Protein-Fortified Drinks
  • Nutritionally Complete Thickened Supplements




Claims, Features & Benefits

  • Reseal Thickened Ready-to-Drinks
  • Designed for Dysphagia Cup
  • Reusable
  • Label with Dysphagia Cup Lid Sticker