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At Flavour Creations, we understand that when managing swallowing disorders the ease and availability of thickened fluids is crucial to maintaining sufficient levels of hydration, energy, and nutrition.

Ready to Drink is our fantastic range of pre-thickened beverages which takes the hassle out of everyday drinking for individuals with dysphagia.


Flavour Creations has developed a range of nutritional solutions targeting various nutrition-related issues. From wound healing to meal replacements, protein supplements to high fibre products, our scientifically designed formulations are the perfect solution to your dietary needs.

Texture-Modified Diets

Maintaining good nutrition depends on one’s ability to consume a wide variety of foods. Unfortunately, health problems can sometimes make eating difficult. For example a texture modified diet may be prescribed for someone who has had a stroke, suffered a head/neck injury or has difficulty chewing properly.

Weight Maintenance 

At Flavour Creations, we understand the difficulty in maintaining a healthy weight. 

Being well nourished and preventing weight loss is important, especially during times of illness, to decrease risk of infection, improve response to treatment and expedite recovery time.



Flavour Creations is a fully HACCP certified facility and is authorised to produce:

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We offer a strong and expanding product portfolio, with excellent branding and positioning in the market. It’s rare to find an established company at the forefront of Australian manufacturing creating so many opportunities.

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