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We offer practical training solutions across a range of modules including daily fluid management, waste management and meal planning. 

As leaders in training and development for aged care and hospital staff, Flavour Creations recognises the need for practical and engaging training solutions to help our clients continually improve in the quality and level of service provided to their residents and or patients. 

We have a long and successful history of designing and delivering training courses for our clients, from in-house customised solutions to public dysphagia management workshops designed to provide essential knowledge and practical skills through product demonstrations and special guest speakers.

How we deliver training
In-service We offer ongoing in-house training, customised to client’s desired training goals and outcomes in addition to our core training modules which include:

  • Daily Fluid Requirements 
  • Waste Management
  • Integrating Flavour Creations into your Facility 
  • Flavour Creations Thickening Powders
  • General User
  • Purchasing 
  • Site Assessments 
  • Meal Planning

One-on-one We offer one-on-one training provided by either a Business Manager or Dietitian directly at a client’s workplace. 

Online We offer online training modules which facilitate learning in remote locations, and for organisations located at multiple sites. 

Training Solutions Offered

The Flavour Creations eLearning Centre is an e-learning program providing practical online content for the training of nursing home and hospital staff across Australia. The program has been developed to meet the needs of our clients to ensure their residents and or patients are delivered a safe and high quality Flavour Creations product. The online training modules aim to enhance traditional learning, support existing in-house teaching methods and provide a valuable reference point for new and existing staff. They are designed and built to be engaging and interactive, using video and written content to help staff learn and retain crucial knowledge in the safe handling and preparation of Flavour Creations products. Flavour Creations eLearning Centre can be accessed anytime, anywhere at

We provide our customers with a comprehensive range of learning and development solutions to support their staff. Our in-service training is taught onsite at client’s facilities. Our trainers deliver practical Flavour Creations knowledge and helpful tips using a combination of product demonstrations, question and answer sessions and training questionnaires. All participants receive a training certificate upon successful completion of the in-service training workshop. 

Training courses at higher education institutions
We offer complimentary training on dysphagia, thickened fluids and the Flavour Creations product range to dietetic, speech pathology and aged care students. Conducted by our accredited dietitian, the interactive training sessions incorporates product demonstrations with practical solutions students will benefit from in their professional lives. Training content can be tailored to suit student’s needs and can be conducted in either a lecture or tutorial setting. Students will also receive complimentary product samples and marketing literature.

Training workshops at Flavour Creations headquarters
Flavour Creations hosts quarterly half day training workshops at our Head Office in Acacia Ridge, Brisbane. In addition to gaining valuable industry knowledge, the workshops provide an opportunity to sample our vast product range, tour the Flavour Creations factory and meet the makers behind our flavour creations. 

For more information

If you are interested in our training solutions or have any questions or feedback on the training offered, please feel free to contact us.


Flavour Creations is a fully HACCP certified facility and is authorised to produce:

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