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The Dysphagia Cup

After seven years of research and development and an investment of over six million dollars, Flavour Creations launched the award-winning Dysphagia Cup. An innovation in accessible design, the Dysphagia Cup empowers individuals who currently experience difficulty holding their own cup to feed themselves independently.

Accessible Design
Each element of the Dysphagia Cup’s design has been carefully considered with the end user and their accessibility needs in mind. Features include a large easy-to-read foil label with external ribbing and embossed texture to assist with manual grip. These features combined make the cup easier to open and hold by people who are often physically impaired allowing greater autonomy and restoring dignity in those who would often depend on carers to aid in even simple tasks—like drinking a glass of water. The Dysphagia Cup design meets and/or exceeds all criteria outlined in Arthritis Australia’s Packaging Design Accessibility Guidelines.

Key Features
1. CLEAR LABELLING - Clearly printed important product details including nutritional information, ingredient declaration and colour coded viscosity.
2. EASY PEEL LID - An extended 30mm long x 60mm wide user friendly pull tab on the foil lid to assist opening by people of all ages and dexterity.
3. EMBOSSED TEXTURE - To further assist manual grip the tab has an embossed texture and deep etched ribbing, for extra grip.
4. IMPROVED CUP RIM - Improved cup rim to minimise leakage of liquid due to poor lip control.
5. UNIQUE CUP SHAPE - With its unique angled shape, the Dysphagia Cup allows the contents to be sipped without any neck extension. The front of the cup is 5mm higher than the back to further assist with this.
6. EXTERNAL RIBBING - External ribbing to further assist manual grip.

Easy Peel Lid
Completely free of artificial flavours and colours, the Flavour Creations Ready-To-Drink (RTD) dysphagia range is available in three colour-coded viscosities and is now packaged in the new Dysphagia Cup and Easy Peel Lid. The image below highlights each key feature of the new Easy Peel Lid which includes a large pull-tab and embossed texture to further assist manual grip. 

To view an introductory video about the Dysphagia Cup, click here.

Changes to our FMR range
There are Government standards¹ in Australia that regulate what we can add to foods and what must be on the label. A new standard was introduced in March 2016 that applies to all our nutritional and dysphagia products. The new standard² required us to change the descriptions of some of our products to comply with it, so we did this as part of the upgrade to our new cups and labels.

One of the most noticeable changes is the name of our ‘FMR’ products - which will now be called ‘Nutritionally Complete’ (or ‘NC’). The products themselves are still high in protein, energy, and vitamins and minerals, but their name has just changed to comply with the updated Food Standards.

¹Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) – Food Standards Code
²Standard 2.9.5 “Foods for Special Medical Purposes” – introduced March 2016. Note the Australian Government allows a 2 year transition time for companies to make changes to comply with new Standards.


Flavour Creations is a fully HACCP certified facility and is authorised to produce:

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