Strawberry SCREAMIES No-Melt Ice-Scream




Nutritional Profile

Preparation & Storage


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Product Description

A refreshing treat all year round, SCREAMIES no-melt strawberry ice scream tastes like that good old-fashioned strawberry ice cream from your childhood. Deliciously rich and creamy, this strawberry-licious ice cream is perfect for all ages served frozen, chilled or at room temperature.


Suitable Diets

  • Gluten, Nut and Soy Free
  • Certified Halal
  • Texture Modified Diet (IDDSI Level 4 Pureed)


Claims, Features & Benefits

  • Amylase Resistant™
  • No Artificial Colours and Flavours
  • No Melt
  • Shelf Stable
  • Made in Australia from at least 85% Australian ingredients
  • 2.4kcal/g
  • Low Sodium
  • Gluten, Nut and Soy Free