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News & Events

Flavour Creations launches new supplement solution 12/05/15

Specialist food manufacturer Flavour Creations continues its ‘Food First’ mission with the launch of its new nutritionally complete powdered supplement AdVital. To read the full press release, please click here.

Jeremy Betros Talks About Flavour Creations' New FMR Savoury 13/04/15

Established in 1997, the Brisbane-based company has a long and successful history of developing ‘real food’ solution products that are tasty and nutritionally balanced. Its latest innovation, FMR Smooth Beef & Red Wine Casserole - a complete ready-to-eat meal in a compact 120g serving size has solidified Flavour Creations’ scientific and technological expertise in developing nutritional products that assist in managing a wide variety of health and nutrition challenges. To read the full EBOS Carelines article, please click here.

Malnutrition and Nutritional Supplements 03/09/14

A variety of dietary measures can be used to improve energy and nutrient intake. While the temptation might be to reach for a commercial oral nutrition supplement as a first step, there are many approaches that can improve oral intake with regular foods. Supplements have an important role, but the first step should be to find ways to increase the intake from familiar and preferred foods. There is a large element of taste fatigue with supplements and they are potentially an expensive option. To read the full Australian Prescriber article, Malnutrition and nutritional supplements featuring Flavour Creations please click here.

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Flavour Creations is a fully HACCP certified facility and is authorised to produce:

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We offer a strong and expanding product portfolio, with excellent branding and positioning in the market. It’s rare to find an established company at the forefront of Australian manufacturing creating so many opportunities.

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