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News & Events

She couldn't stop choking 30/06/16

Rocking my screaming newborn, I gently pressed the bottle between her lips again. 'Please take a little bit for mummy, Amber, I soothed. But the milk just leaked out the side of her mouth. Then she coughed, and threw up all over me... Amber is suffering from a condition called dysphagia,' I was told after the tests. It meant she had difficulty swallowing.' Read Amber's full dysphagia story here.

The day we were told our son had cerebral palsy 24/06/16

One of our courageous customers, Morgan Capper whose son Aston has cerebral palsy recently shared her dysphagia story with Mamamia. In addition to gaining weight, Aston started sleeping through the night after our Instant Thick thickening powder was introduced into his diet. "We had to start on thickened liquids and Flavour Creations came in handy to us, because the commercial thickeners out there were creating some big issues …I could get one bottle of thickened liquids into him a day, and when changing to Flavour Creations he actually went up to drinking a litre of fluids a day," Morgan said. To read the full story, click here.

Liquid Assets Thick on the Ground 20/06/16

One in three people over the age of 65 suffers from dysphagia, which has been likened to being water-boarded 24 hours a day. But $20 million Brisbane business Flavour Creations' unique products have helped provide relief and independence to sufferers, with more than 100,000 cups of pre-thickened drinks now produced every day. To read the full article, click here.

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