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Aston’s My Dysphagia Story

Born prematurely and diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Aston Capper developed dysphagia - a swallowing disorder which restricted his ability to eat and drink.

Soon after Aston celebrated his second birthday, his mum, Morgan, was concerned about his swallowing. When he would drink, he would start to gasp and his eyes would glaze over. To make matters worse, Aston was not sleeping properly and his weight was dangerously low.

Morgan’s growing concerns led her to a speech pathologist who conducted a full analysis of Aston’s swallow. The speech pathologist recommended thickened fluids and suggested a thickening powder called Instant Thick.

To Morgan’s surprise, Instant Thick was manufactured locally in Brisbane by Flavour Creations. She was even more surprised to find herself speaking on the telephone to the Founder & CEO, Bernadette Eriksen when she made her initial inquiry to the company about their thickening powder.

“She was just so warm and welcoming. She wanted to know everything about Aston and his dysphagia. She showed incredible compassion from the outset and the hands-on support that she offered continues to this day,” Morgan explains. 

A few weeks after this initial call, Morgan and her husband Brenton had a boisterous little boy who was eating and drinking again.

“We could monitor Aston safely processing his fluids once they were thickened,” Morgan said. “The increase in fluid meant we could do more therapy as he had a lot more energy to do more things because he wasn’t so dehydrated all the time.”

Aston had struggled to drink 250mL a day pre diagnosis but after Instant Thick was introduced, he was drinking up to a litre a day.

On a beautiful summer’s day in a bayside playground, Aston is found playing with his beloved construction toys in the sandpit. Full of cheeky grins and impish giggles, he pours sand from a digger into a dump truck while murmuring “beep, beep, screeeech, ruuurrrump,” under this breath.

“He’s thriving my child and both Brenton and I are just so happy,” Morgan beams.

Like any typical 4-year-old, Aston is obsessed with anything construction-related.

“He loves diggers, trackers and dump trucks. Anything that can create noise or mess, he’s into.”

But next year Aston’s world will shift into a bigger gear as he embarks on “big school” five days a week.

“I think mummy’s more worried about it than Aston is,” Morgan said. “He’ll be fine though because he’s such a social butterfly.”

To learn more about Flavour Creations’ product solutions for people with dysphagia, click on one of the links below:


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