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In addition to specialising in dysphagia products, Flavour Creations has developed a range of nutritional solutions targeting various nutrition-related issues. From wound healing to meal replacements, protein supplements to high fibre products, our scientifically designed formulations are the perfect solution to your dietary needs. Several of our nutritional products are available in three texture modified viscosities, making them further appropriate for dysphagia patients.

Functional Juices
Flavour Creations has developed two delicious Functional Juices, each providing a unique and naturally occurring health benefit. Pear as a source of fibre, helps assist with constipation or regular bowel movements and Cranberry works as a natural urinary tract infection (UTI) defender.

Formulated Meal Replacements
Enriched with protein, energy and loaded with 26 essential vitamins and minerals, our scientifically Formulated Meal Replacements (FMR) are the equivalent to a meal. While typically perceived solely as a weight loss supplement, our FMR’s are ideal for those with compromised nutritional status, struggling to meet their energy requirements. These shelf stable meal replacements include fruit purees, puddings and desserts and are available in a small, convenient cup while providing the nutrition of a large meal.

Protein Supplements
Fortified with protein and high in energy, our delicious range of Protein Supplements are ideal for those with increased protein or nutritional requirements, those struggling to maintain weight, or those looking to increase muscle mass. Enriched with 10 – 15 g protein per serve, the extensive range includes drinks, desserts, fruit purees and cookies.

Energy Supplements
Flavour Creations’ Energy Supplements include a selection of great tasting desserts and a carbohydrate supplement powder. With a decreased appetite, increased energy requirements and/or struggling to maintain weight – our delicious and portion-controlled supplements make it easy to consume that extra energy in your diet.

Nutritionally Complete Powdered Supplement
A busy lifestyle, illness or an unbalanced diet can disrupt your vitality. In order to maintain your health and wellbeing you need a balance of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. AdVital™ has been specially formulated by an expert team of scientists and dietitians with an innovative one scoop per serve formula to enhance your nutritional intake when you may not be getting all the nutrition you need from food. With 28 vitamins & minerals and 15g protein per serve, just one scoop of AdVital improves your daily nutritional intake. Visit to learn more.

Food Service
Our new Food Service range offers hospitals, residential aged care facilities and consumers living in the community, a 'real' food first solution. From high energy cheesecakes to 98% fat free creamed rice, the range is visually appealing, deliciously nutritious and ideal as a mid-meal snack or dessert. Quick and easy to serve, the shelf-stable, portion-controlled range does not require refrigeration. Flavour Creations' new premium moulding powder, Shape It is the newest addition to the Food Service range. With Shape It, moulding all types of food & liquids in shapes that resemble their original form will increase patient compliance, increase nutritional intake and reduce waste.

Dysphagia patients should be assessed and monitored by the Speech Pathologist and Dietitian to ensure the suitability of Nutrition products.


Flavour Creations is a fully HACCP certified facility and is authorised to produce:

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