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Gay’s My Dysphagia Story

Following on from Aston Capper’s remarkable My Dysphagia Story, we’d like to introduce you to Moreton Bay region resident Gay Biggs. Diagnosed with dysphagia at 60 years old, Gay consumes a full and varied menu thanks to her Flavour Creations texture-modified product solutions.

"At the age of 12, I had a benign tumour on the bottom of my brain. It didn’t cause many problems until I was about 60. When people see me now, they think I have had a stroke. I first heard about dysphagia when I diagnosed with the swallowing disorder in early 2014. I had difficulty swallowing and as a result had recurring aspiration pneumonia.

A speech pathologist prescribed a texture-modified diet consisting mainly of Flavour Creations products. I’m still consuming these life-saving products every day. I order all the products online – juices, Fruits with Attitude, Easy Thick Rapid (ETR), Shape It, cheesecakes and ice-cream. I order less water these days as I make up a litre each morning with ETR. I find the ETR sachets are marvellous on-the-go at cafes.

Flavour Creations products are life saving, innovative and presentation allows dignity. I use all the Flavour Creations cookbooks…well, my husband Russ does. He makes me bread, crackers, biscuits, salad, vegetables, chocolates and fruit balls. He even made me a chocolate bunny for Easter.

Without Flavour Creations products I certainly wouldn’t have the quality of life I enjoy now. The shaped products have just revolutionised my life. To have food that looks like “food” is thrilling. Russ has to spend time preparing my food and he had never done any cooking before my diagnosis. It is a sacrifice for him but he is very good to me."

To learn more about Flavour Creations’ product solutions for people with dysphagia, click on one of the links below:


Flavour Creations is a fully HACCP certified facility and is authorised to produce:

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