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Method of Consumption

Ready To Drink
Flavour Creations’ Ready To Drink range can be consumed directly from cup to mouth or through a straw. To reduce spillage, slowly pull the foil lid back halfway. When using a straw gently pierce the top to insert it through the foil; it is not necessary to open the lid. Drinks with a pudding thickness (Level 3) are ideally consumed with a spoon.

It is recommended that drinks be chilled before serving with the exception of our Hot Beverages* which are best served warmed. They can also be frozen and served as a delicious ice treat, while maintaining their original viscosity on thawing.

A great source of energy and hydration, our FMR Thickened Supplements, Creamy and Pro Fortified ranges are also a great dessert topping – truly a delicious treat no one should miss out on.

Fruits with ATTITUDE
Fruits with ATTITUDE can be consumed at room temperature, heated, chilled or frozen. Pour over cake or fruit pieces for a protein-packed treat.

Carb Plus
Carb Plus is the easy and affordable way to monitor carbohydrate intake and maintain body weight. It is a simple addition to an everyday diet; add while cooking, sprinkle on top of a meal or stir into any drink. It won’t alter the taste, odour, consistency or colour.

Thickening Powders
Flavour Creations’ Thickening Powders can be used as a general thickener for foods and fluids or to aid in the dietary management of people with swallowing disorders (dysphagia). Following the mixing guide, add the desired amount to hot or cold food or liquids including fruit juices, ice cream, pureed fruits, vegetables or nutritional supplements. Individuals with dysphagia are recommended to use this product only under medical advice and supervision.

All drinks not immediately consumed after opening must be covered and refrigerated at 4°C or less. Use or discard within 24 hours in compliance with Australian Government legislation.

*Heating and mixing instructions are available on respective product pages.


Flavour Creations is a fully HACCP certified facility and is authorised to produce:

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