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instant THICK just got more instant

Thickening food and drinks with instant THICK is even faster with our new ergonomic, IDSSI compliant scoops. PLUS, the new scoop system promises:

One scoop per serve Up to 44%* more serves per can Easy 3-step mixing method Ergonomic design IDDSI compliant Interchangeable with metric spoons

*When compared to previous serve size for Level 4, 675g can.

Mixing with instant THICK is easy

See how simple it is to mix with instant THICK with our single serve mixing video

And see how easy mixing bulk serves is


Learn more? Download our NEW resources

instant THICK is the ultimate thickening powder for individuals with dysphagia. Our range of resources have been designed to help with thickening foods and drinks.

Product fact sheet

Download the instant THICK Fact Sheet to learn more about the benefits, one scoop system, nutrition information and full product range.



Mixing guide

Our new 3-step Mixing Guide has recipes for refreshing cold drinks, winter warmers, relax with an alcoholic beverage and more. The options are endless!

  1. Pour a drink
  2. Add instant THICK per Dosage Guide
  3. Stand, re-stir and enjoy!

Download the new instant THICK mixing guide and store easily in your desk, trolley or kitchen.


Metric scoop pocket conversion guide

Thicken with confidence. Our new instant THICK scoops are now interchangeable with metric spoon measurements when mixing a single serve.

Download this handy instant THICK pocket metric conversion guide perfect for laminating, cutting out and keeping in a desk draw, car, wallet or pocket.


Flavour Creations is a fully HACCP certified facility and is authorised to produce:

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