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FMR Apple Berry

Snack time, anytime! Enriched with 26 vitamins & minerals, our new dairy-free FMR Apple Berry is high in energy and a great source of protein. Simply grab a cup and go!  

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We're gluten free!

Only 20% of all Australians with Coeliac disease have been formally diagnosed. Are you Coeliac? Try our products today.

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New Year, all new natural flavours & colours. Our delicious portion-controlled Custard range is now made using only natural colours and flavours. 

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Our new and improved Water range is distinctly softer, smoother and bursting with thirst-quenching flavour.

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Bite Size Cookies

Our new Bite Size Cookies are small in volume but big in nutritional value. 4 flavours available now!

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Watermelon Water

Juicy, sweet and irresistibly fresh, our new thickened Watermelon Water is like putting summer into a glass. Available now in all three viscosities!

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Where to Buy

Looking for a stockist? Our complete range is stocked all over Australia and NZ. To find a stockist, click below.

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Shop Online or By Phone

Purchasing from us has never been so easy. Simply call +61(0)7 3373 3000 or visit our Online Store.

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Instant Thick

Our indispensable solution for broad-based Dysphagia management, instant THICK has been judged a finalist in the Award for Business Innovation at the 2013 Lord Mayor’s Business Awards.

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